How much longer are you willing to wait?


Hey gorgeous!

I have to give you some tough love today (but I promise it’s because I care!). Here’s my question for you >>>> Do you honestly think that if you continue doing the exact same things you’ve been doing, living the exact way you’ve been living, that you’ll get to the end of 2019 and truly be proud of yourself/satisfied with where you are?

I have to ask because I’ve heard from a lot of women who tell me all of their exciting goals for the rest of the year and their dream life vision, but haven’t been willing to make any real change.

They’ve convinced themselves that it’s just not the right time. They’re super busy and aren’t ready to get started right now anyway. They don’t have enough money to invest and they can’t understand where other people came up with the funds to start their business. Besides, even if money and time were’t problems for them, their family and friends would probably not be fans of them starting this business and they’d have no idea where to start or what action to take anyway.

Any idea what’s really going on here, FNAME?

Let me start by saying that if this is where you’re at right now, I HEAR YOU. I believe that you aren’t where you want to be financially, that you don’t always feel like time is on your side, and that your family and friends just don’t “get it” yet.

But what you need to know, is that if you keep living how you’ve been living—taking the same actions, seeing the same people, thinking the same thoughts, etc.—none of this is going to change for you. The sad truth is that you may even find yourself 6 months, 1 year, or even multiple years down the line having the same internal struggle and thinking to yourself, “oh I really want this _________ but it still hasn’t happened for me. Maybe next year will be my year…”

The other thing you need to realize is that these surface level excuses are almost always covering up deeper, rawer, darker beliefs about ourselves that we either aren’t willing to admit or aren’t willing to face. Crazy, right?

I’m talking about the beliefs that we have about our own potential…

  • I’m not capable of success

  • What it I put time, energy, effort, and money into this and it totally fails?

  • What if I get made fun of, judged, or hated online?

  • What if I disappoint my friends of family? What if I get really successful and they hate me for it?

  • What if no one would ever want to hire me?

As hard as it can be to admit, these are usually the real beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Think about it this way, if you KNEW deep down in your core that you’d be successful, would the up front investment really stop you? Would your busy schedule or some push-back from a few distant family members really stand in your way?

FNAME, I share this with you because I would hate to see the surface level excuses keep you stuck for even another month, let alone another year (or more!).

I’m giving you all the permission you need to clear out the surface level junk that’s clouding you from what’s going on at a deeper level.

Ask yourself this question >>>> “If I had all the money and time in the world and if I knew the exact steps to take to start my business, would I actually be willing to start tomorrow? Or would there be something deeper holding me back?”

If a deeper belief comes up, thank it for serving it's time and then be willing to lovingly let it go. Release it from your awareness so you can move forward without it keeping you stuck any longer.

Because seriously, how long are you really willing to wait before the business and life you desire is yours?

Don’t any more time go by before you finally say “YES” to yourself.

Sending you love!

Xo Kristen