Are you secretly dreaming of more?


If you are secretly dreaming of your own business, I SEE YOU. 

If you are secretly dreaming of being the most confident, most abundant, most boss babe version of yourself that lives life 100% on her own terms, I SEE YOU. 

I see you because I was you. 

You know deep down how much talent, knowledge, and experience, you're full of but don't want to come off as "braggy"

You feel stuck and unfulfilled in your current life and know that you're meant for something so much more meaningful

You're sick of letting more months pass where you put your dream life on hold

You have many passions and interests but aren't sure if they'll make you "stand out" enough online 

You know you have a big message and many gifts to share with women across the world but fear failure and rejection around putting yourself "out there"

You've seen all the badass women online sharing their amazing business wins (10k months, dream vacations, manifesting dream collaborations) but wonder if it's all really possible for you...

I have some news…YES IT IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU. 

It's time to stop cutting yourself off from all that you're capable of being.

It's time to re-evaluate what you've been prioritizing in your life and to put yourself, your dream business, and your dream life back at the top of the list.

Sound like something you're willing to do? 

If you know that this is your year and now is your time...keep reading!!!

I am sooo excited to share the details of my exclusive program, Inspired Business

It's a 4-month personalized coaching program in energetic-alignment, online business foundations, and mega success--specifically designed to support your most aligned business and abundant life...OHHH YES!

As do all my programs, Inspired Business has the perfect blend of high-level business strategy + in-depth mindset & energetic work.

It's this combination of "strategy & soul" that I've seen time and time again create true abundance.
The best part? I've designed this program so there is something for everyone--regardless of where you are in your life or what level of support you need...

There are payment plans + early sign up discounts and bonuses + three levels of support >>>> Basic 1:1, VIP 1:1 (high-level, intensive coaching support), and self-study (no 1:1 support but access to the digital course and private Facebook group for all my Goddesses on the go!).

Depending on what level you choose, you can literally start this program for as little as $197...I know, crazy!!

Check out all the details for this program, then book a free alignment call with me! We'll get crystal clear on your dream life vision and outline the top actions you need to take to create the forward flowing, high vibe biz that you SO deserve. 

You are ready and you are worthy of the lifestyle and business that you desire. The women you are meant to serve are waiting for you to put yourself out there so they can hear your message.

Now is your time to become the boss babe woman you've always been deep down...

Questions?! Hit reply and ask away!

Sending love,

Xo Kristen 

P.S. Inspired Business, my exclusive 1:1 coaching program, is officially re-open and has only a few spots available! Check out the details  and then book your free alignment call.