The lie that it's "too late"


Hey gorgeous!

Do you ever feel like it's "too late" to start your business?

Does it seem like the competition is too fierce and the market is too saturated?

Or maybe you feel like you're too old, or you're in the wrong stage in your life, or you just straight up missed your shot? 

I seriously let this idea hold me back for so long before I started my multiple years long.

I full on bought into the idea that I missed my shot... 

But here's the thing, there really is no such thing as being too late.

When you feel inspired and excited to take action, it's a sign that it's divinely timed. 

If it didn't happen for you earlier it's because on some level you or the Universe weren't ready for it just yet.  

Now that you do have the idea and the inspiration, it's time to effing run with it. 

You don't have to know exactly where you're going, what your business will look like, or how you're going to become successful yet.

Just start leaning into the excitement and follow the signs. Take whatever actions you're already aware of and worry about the rest later.

You can literally start in such small ways--buying your domain name, setting up an empty email list, starting a brand new Instagram account...

It just takes a willingness to move through the inspired actions and to release the excuse that it's too late--there really is no such thing as "competition" or "saturation" when you're showing up as your full, true self--no one else will be offering the exact same service or helping the exact same type of client.

Take it from me--it was so freeing when I gave up the idea that timing mattered.

I knew that I was exactly the right age, in the exactly right life stage, in the exactly right time to get started because I finally understood that the Universe gives us inspired ideas only at divine times (regardless of what our logic tells us).  

Of course, be careful you're not allowing fear to talk you into delaying taking action for a "better" time in the "future" either, because that's definitely a whole separate issue...but that's a conversation for another day...haha ;) 

What action are you inspired to take? How do you know it's BS that your business is too late to the game?

Talk soon!

Xo Kristen